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Evaluating your needs

To determine an individual’s needs, functional tests are very useful, as are health histories and symptom surveys.
Evaluation in our office commonly includes:

We listen and note your health history, symptoms, current lifestyle, and health goals.

We use questionnaires and health surveys.

Physical examination provides information from body measurement, and consideration of physical signs.

Bioimpedance analysis measures your body composition in terms of fat in relation to lean body mass, intracellular compared to extracellular water, and other measurement of functional status.

Biomeridian stress assessment of electrical circuits in the body specific to organs and systems, identify areas where you have moved from healthy ranges. Electro meridian imaging measures acupuncture meridian flow to identify balance and organ energy.

Traditional naturopathic evaluation – classical naturopathy wellness evaluation emphasizes health improvement rather than disease symptom treatment.

Chiropractic applied kinesiology evaluation uses spinal dynamics and muscle function to assess nerve flow, responses, and other energy balance integrity.

We combine these various traditional evaluations and report the results to you. Our goal is probably very similar to your goal; for you to improve your health by taking steps that are reasonable, cost-effective, and right for you. We work to help you determine and meet your specific health needs.

Our fees are given at what does it cost?

Laboratory tests may advised for evaluation purposes. Lab tests measure aspects of function, predictive health risk factors, and are useful in measuring progress in regaining fuller functional health.

Although most insurance including medicare does not pay for screening tests or preventative care, you can send receipts to see if your insurance will reimburse you for such tests.

If screening blood tests seem appropriate, these can be ordered at lab costs. Blood samples may be taken at a major lab office local to you.

To evaluate the situation of some people, saliva, urine, stool, or hair tissue analysis may be useful.

Some people are being monitored by other facilities, and many people have useful test information done through other doctors’ offices, which can be obtained by asking for a copy of your lab reports.

Although we may recommend lab tests for some people, having tests done is an individual’s choice.

Some of the labs we use are:

Drinking water testing

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